Monday, May 23, 2011

Are You Open To Criticism?

Learning from your mistakes and short comings is a great way to become better, but to do this you must be open to seeing where you come up light.  Often we do not notice our own faults and we must rely on others to help us discover ways to improve.

The problem is that too few friends, and even fewer strangers, will ever share constructive criticism.  Instead they keep quiet and you are left to repeat your mistakes.  This can continue unchecked for a long time... especially if the problem is minor.

I recently received an email giving me feedback.  I was very impressed that this person, whom I have only met once, took the time to show me where I dropped the ball.  I remember the situation, but did not view the whole picture through his eyes.  

At the time of the infraction I was busy and distracted...... does that sound familiar?  That is an answer we all use to justify selfish behaviors (me too!).  

We hear the busy excuse all the time, but is it really legitimate?  I think not.

When you have a lot on your plate you must still pay attention to how your actions (or lack of actions) are impacting others.  It is rare that a good soul will step up set you straight in a nice way (sure, the jerks are always happy to show you the dark side of yourself). I appreciate this guy, as he hit me in the heart, as my intention was not equal to the result.

Are you open to criticism?  When you can sting (ouch).   But then you grow.

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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