Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Conference Catalyst New Website

The Conference Catalyst website has launched!! While I am still working on creating the video (there is a "place holder" video there now), the purpose of the site is to promote this program that transforms multi-day business meetings.  I had lunch yesterday with a happy client whose technology company's "Annual User's Conference" utilized "The Conference Catalyst" (both on stage, and in the planning stages of the event), and they are already looking for ways to include the program again next year!

This product has quickly become my most popular offering and a "meeting planners favorite".

Business professionals attend conferences, trade shows and conventions to make new contacts. However, once at the events most fail to make meaningful connections.  While everyone claims to want to engage with their peers, too few take the actions necessary to spark real conversations.

If your company or organization is planning a multi-day conference this program might be what you need to move the meeting from average to amazing.  It is not what you think: no silly ice-breakers or forced questioning that make attendees uncomfortable.  Instead it is all about the audience.  When you put the focus on the people, they flourish.

My client said one of their attendees said "at first I was afraid Thom's presentations would be cheesy, but instead it transformed the conference into an 'industry happening'".  Is your event the "happening" for your industry?

Does your conference have a catalyst?

Visit for more information.

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