Friday, May 06, 2011

Executive Coaching for Left-Brained Professionals (Lawyers, Bankers, Accountants, IT Professionals, Real Estate Brokers, etc...)

Many lawyers, bankers, accountants, IT executives, real estate brokers, and other professionals are considered to be left-brained dominant.  Those who excel in these professions are often successful because of their linear reasoning and language functions that are associated with the left hemisphere of the brain.  

Their natural traits align them with these technical careers and often they have avoided embracing the necessary "soft skills" that are becoming more important within the new work paradigms.  Early in life they achieved in school by hard work and focus.  They built their careers through attention to detail and have cultivated impressive resumes and tactical experience. 

But sometimes that is not enough.  

Today's highly "socially-charged" world is creating different paths to advancing a career.  Social media and other changes in society are not a fad, and that has many left-brained professionals feeling disconnected. Comfortable on the left-side, they see a big valley between where they stand and the current social-focused realities (online and face-to-face).

I work one-on-one (or in small groups) with those who feel uneasy with the networking culture that has emerged in the business world.   

If you, or someone you know, is feeling stuck, I might have action oriented solutions.  Give me a call.

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Tom Foolry said...

You know, I never really thought of executive coaching for the left-brained, but with the explanation that you gave, it really makes a lot of sense. It's true that social media is really a huge part of the market, today, and you pretty much need it in order to have success.

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