Friday, May 06, 2011

Thank You to Delish Cupcakes - Austin's Best Cupcake!

Thanks to Lisa at Delish Cupcakes (on 3rd Street in downtown Austin) for hosting a tour of her store for my daughter's Girl Scout Troop.

The eight girls got a treat in seeing how an entrepreneur starts a business that becomes destination for cupcake lovers!  They asked questions from how she comes up with new flavors to what motivated her to locate in downtown.

The kids got to learn about the business but they really preferred eating the sample cupcakes.

I met Lisa at a business event (hosted by the FedEx+Me - My Story: Austin program) two months ago and when I asked about bringing the Girl Scouts she enthusiastically agreed.

If you live in Austin and have a hankering for a cupcake... it is worth the drive to downtown.  They even have a daily "Gluten Free" cupcake (I am still waiting for the vegan option!).

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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