Saturday, May 07, 2011

Who Is The Eye-Roller In Your Firm?

Professionals service firms (law firms, accounting firms, banks, consulting firms, etc...) all have one or more "nay-sayers" and "eye-rollers" in their ranks.

These are the people who discredit all the new ideas.  They were the ones who saw no reason for the computer on every desk, they hated voicemail, were the last to get a cell phone, did not see e-mail as a useful tool, and are now scoffing at the whole "social media fad".

Every firm has these folks to some degree.  They think highly of their own opinion at the time, but when their mind has changed, they fail to own up to their short-sighted views (many of us miss spotting trends, but I am talking about those who are very vocal about their negativity and then act like they invented the product once they get on board).

Who are they "nay-sayers" and "eye-rollers" in your firm?  If you cannot immediately identify them.... maybe it is you!

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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Anonymous said...

This post was just forwarded to "ALL LAWYERS" in my firm. It is creating interesting hallway discussions.