Friday, April 29, 2011

Take Action

Most everyone likes the idea of having a network of professional contacts that refer opportunities, but few people put in the continued actions necessary to 
establish long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.

If you desire to establish business connections you must invest the time to make, keep and grow friendships.  Just being a good person and hoping others will like you is not enough.

The most important action is showing up.  Every business community has physical and online gathering places.  If you are not participating, you are not really part of the community.  Being present is the first step.  Too many professionals rationalize reasons not to be active in networking activities, but there are no rewards to those who hide in their office.

The next action is to help others succeed.  In our busy world many people feel the pressure to just get their own job done.  They take no actions to understand the needs of others, and do not take any actions to assist those around them in achieving their goals.   However, if you are not helping others.... why would you expect anyone to step up and bring you closer to your own success?

The final action needed to create a powerful network is to show gratitude.  Saying “thank you” to people who bring you opportunities should go without saying, but few people these days express their appreciation to those around them.  Nobody reaches the top alone; we are all helped by other people.  Be sure to let those who make your journey easier know that you recognize their contribution.

Do not wish for a network... take the actions to create one.

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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