Friday, April 22, 2011

Sales Training - Austin, Texas (and Beyond)

The time has come to once again invest in your employees. During the three years of economic uncertainty companies have pulled back on doing any type of sales (or other skills) training.  The cost of expanding individual skills took a back seat to keeping the lights on.  

The signs are now there that the pendulum is swinging back.  More companies are looking at re-introducing employee training and all-hands retreats for the purpose of both educating and motivating their staff.  With reports of upwards of 84% of employees not feeling satisfied in their jobs, it is no wonder companies are looking to reboot the enthusiasm in their workforce.

I am currently working on customizing programs for both large corporations and small companies (in Austin and all over the country) to help get their people better engaged into their business communities.  This is not just about "networking", and it is not just geared to "sales" professionals. Manufacturing companies, law firms, technology start-ups, and real estate brokerages are all inquiring for programs to integrate their visibility.

The most successful companies are rediscovering that everyone is part of the Business Development Team.  The lines between inward facing jobs and outside facing jobs are false barriers.  All employees are responsible directly and indirectly for driving more sales.

Is the time now for your company to create a better business development culture?  Or should you wait three more years to get all the pieces in order to grow?  Some Assembly IS Required!

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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