Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Go Lab Austin - The Great Human Mash-up of Co-Working Space!

I have been searching for a while for co-working space in Austin to enhance my "work from home / work from Starbucks" lifestyle.  While there are many options available for "drop in" office space, I have not been able to find any place that had the right mix of location and coolness factor....  Until now.

I have recently discovered Go Lab Austin.  This unique co-working community is located in the heart of 6th Street near downtown.  Go Lab Austin is a unique mix of quirky and professional space that has an eclectic mix of member companies and individuals.

As clients for my local career and business coaching services continue to hire me, having this central location for face-to-face meetings is ideal.  Meeting people at Starbucks has worked fine up until now, but the ability to host conversations at Go Lab Austin brings my consulting programs to a new level.  There is also a conference room that will seat 12 people, which will be ideal for several group classes I will be teaching in the fall.

The location is easy to get to with plenty of street parking on East 6th Street (via parking meters), and walking distance from countless restaurants and other Austin locations.

If you are looking for a synergistic place to hang your hat, check out Go Lab Austin.  For more information on membership rates and amenities, visit the Facebook Page or call Steve Golab at 512.481.8831

Have A Great Day.



Clay Spinuzzi said...

Thanks for the link!

sarah said...

You have a cool blog, i was just wandering and found it. What kinda music you like? I am a guitarist.

Eugene Sepulveda said...

nice to know. ughh, we may be looking for space. hoping not but maybe