Monday, April 11, 2011

Face Up, Face Down, or In Your Pocket?.... Where Is Your Cell Phone?

I had a wonderful lunch with two friends today.

Two of us had our phones on the table, the other had his phone in his pocket.

"Face up" glanced at every call and text (he did not answer...that would have been rude), and the other two looked that direction, too, with each buzz of his phone.  "Face down" and "In Pocket" knew their phones were transmitting calls, texts and emails to them during the meal, but did not look until they reached the parking lot after the meal.  "Face Down" had his phone ring as lunch began, as he forgot to switch it to vibrate before lunch... but he fixed that after the interruption.

Maybe the best answer would be turned off and left behind at the office or in the car.

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

PS - My phone was face down.  But not sure that is the right answer.

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BigMikeInAustin said...

Well, the group I'm social with, is also social on twitter, so we all have it face up. And we just use the phone as a stand in for twitter people. When something funny comes in, we share it with the whole group, and when we send something, we either CC everyone at the table, or just say out loud what we're tweeting.

When I'm with work people, I'll turn it face down or leave it in my pocket. Then when they check their phone for work email, I'll check my phone for social tweets. I hardly get anything work related on my phone, just because my job is get-task-work-report and doesn't have lots of back and forth.