Friday, April 22, 2011

Google Results (Video) for "Professional Speaker"

I received an inquiry call from a meeting planner today about the possibility of hiring me to speak at a business conference.  We had a delightful conversation.  As always, I asked how she had heard about me, and her reply surprised me.  She said "If you Google the term "Professional Speaker", your video comes up number one".

After we finished our chat I could not get to Google fast enough!  Sure enough, under the Video Tab on Google there was a video of me speaking to a group of lawyers in the number one position.  The clip is from a training session I conducted for the lawyers in an AM LAW 100 Law Firm in March of 2008.  While it is not my official speaker's video, it is on the top of Google.

I did not invest in any SEO to get the high ranking, and I am not sure how long this video will remain as the premier video for the term "Professional Speaker".....  but in the mean time let's all just say that "Thom Singer Is The Number One Professional Speaker In The World!"

What?  Too much?

Here is the video:

Have A Great Day.

thom singer


Dave Lutz said...

Thom, must be all that google juice you've been drinking. Congrats on being #1!

Tim Homan said...

Like I did know that already.....