Friday, April 08, 2011

FedEx + Me - My Austin Story

I spoke last night at the "FedEx + Me" event. The party was held in the new downstairs private room at Max's Wine Dive (Wow, this is a great location for a party!).  I felt like Oprah, as FedEx gave a free copy of my book "Some Assembly Required (Third Edition)" to everyone in attendance.

I met some really cool people from the marketing department from FedEx (from Memphis) and the MKTG Inc. experiential marketing group (from New York).  These teams worked with local executive consultant Nancy Shields and together they created a "happening". 

FedEx seems like a great place to work (fun people), and the marketing folks were excited about the success of their pilot program in Austin.

It was a unique networking event, well attended by many of Austin's coolest young entrepreneurs, and very well executed!  In addition to my kicking-off the evening, Austin Chamber of Commerce president Bobby Jenkins (ABC Home & Commercial Services) spoke about passion for business, followed by a panel discussion on the new realities of social media (featuring Ricardo Guererro, Aaron DeLucia and Fran Gangitano).  The cake balls from Austin Cake Ball looked fantastic (but not none for me).

FedEx + Me and "My Austin Story" is a unique program.  FedEx started with nothing but one really smart undergrad, one really good term paper and one really big dream. In other words, FedEx used to be a scrappy small business.

That's why they developed the FedEx + Me program, piloted in Austin - to help small-business owners and to help them help each other. Because the world of business is changing; nimble, savvy, innovative small businesses are the key to our future. Everyone's future.

It has been fun being part of this program launch.  I wrote a blog post about "Austin Weird" when they launched their site, and have been hired to speak at two of their events.  The whole team that is creating this program, and all of the local entrepreneurs who are participating are over the top amazing!!

Have A Great Day.

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