Thursday, December 03, 2009

Be Open To The Universe

When you are open to good things happening in your life, you will be amazed with the interesting and unique opportunities that will flow into your world.

I am not being "touchy-feely" or "religious" or "new age" (this is no "secret").... but there is something about putting yourself out into the world, networking with good people, and keeping your eyes open of what is happening that will place you in unique and spectacular situations.

Take my post yesterday about being at the Grand Opening for the Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas. We did not go to Vegas to attend this event, but when we heard that the new hotel and the "City Center" would be open, my business partner took action and booked a room. That lead us to being included in the gala party and being part of this once time event. Right place, right time.

Several people have told me recently that I am "lucky" because of the positively interesting situations and experiences that I encounter. Lucky? Not sure. I think people create there own luck. I am fortunate that I have many friends in my network who have included me in their interesting lives, and that does lead to fun and memorable interactions, as well as business opportunities.

But is that an accident or luck? I think that it is more about living life, cultivating relationships, and then taking action when you see the chance for such activities that are forever part of your personal story.

What about you? How have you stumbled upon the most unique and exciting experiences in your life?

Have A Great Day.


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