Monday, December 21, 2009

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Chris Brogan has a blog post today on his blog that hit home -- as I have been talking about this same issue (here and here and on Twitter). His post "While The Iron Is Hot" talks about how too many people are slowing down in the holiday season and making lots of excuses as to why they are coasting to the finish line.

I am in full agreement with Chris. If you want to win you cannot shut down. While I am in favor of taking time to "recharge" your batteries (my family takes two week vacations each summer and I come home with more ambition and focus), there is a difference between people who save their vacation time for the end of the year, and those who take time during the year AND then coast through the holidays (while pretending to work) by making all kinds of excuses about why they don't put in much effort at this time of year.

The key point Chris Brogan makes is in the last paragraph:

"We choose our success in life. We choose every step. My family and I have chosen the course I’m on, and I’m pretty happy with it. How about you? What have you chosen?"

He and his wife (and kids) have created a partnership that revolves around how Chris earns his living. This means sacrifice on both sides, but they reach their family goals as Chris grows his business. My family is doing the same thing. I gave 53 professional speeches last year for companies and organizations.... many of those being out of town. This meant sacrifice for everyone.... but we grew our business. It was a choice, but without doing the work, we could not have had the achievement.

I consult with professionals who want more success... and they know that networking and cultivating a personal & professional brand would lead them toward more business. However, they want the prize without putting in the time. There are lots of excuses given, some even sound convincing. But in the end, you must work hard to reach your goals.

I have never known a single person who I considered a big success who credited their victories to coasting along and waiting for another time focus. Those who succeed all strike while the iron is hot!

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Debra Stamp said...

Totally agree with you, Thom. The excuses are plenty and tho there are some scenarios that ring true - such as larger companies closing down for a couple weeks, potential clients 'busy' with travel and family, budgets dry - there are always things one can do to keep the fires burning.

Adrian Miller said...

I could not agree more. I am actually pretty tired of people that seem to have started slowing down "for the holidays" way back in October. Mmm, maybe they meant Halloween. Excuses, excuses, excuses for not being proactive...or maybe even just active.
I have launched a new virtual business networking community (100+ strong to date) and am using this time when lots of folks are taking time off to build the network and expand the contacts. As Debra said " there's always something you can do". Well, happy holidays to you:)

Ari Herzog said...

...but by different irons, Thom, never the same. It's great you credit someone for an idea, but the credit only works if it's your idea, not his idea that you're trying to use for yourself.

Ideas come and go but they only become successful if they are unique.

Thom Singer said...

Ari -

Not sure I follow the intent of your comment. If everyone had to have totally unique ideas to write about a topic there would be very few blogs.

I have always looked at the concept of continuing discussion on relevant subjects as an important part of blogging - but giving credit to the inspiration is key.

But based on your logic, Since I blogged and twittered about the same topic before reading the post by Chris (See my links in paragraph one), then wasn't it my idea anyway.... thus allowing me the freedom to discuss it further on my blog?

What do others think?


Ari Herzog said...

Re-reading my comment last night, it's illogical and nonsensical so I have no idea what I was thinking!