Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Vdara Hotel - Las Vegas - Grand Opening

It is not every day that you get to stay in a great new hotel in Las Vegas on the night it opens.

My business partner for New Year Publishing and I had our quarterly business planning meeting in Las Vegas and were in town for the opening night of Vdara. We decided to take advantage of this unique chance to visit a top level property for the premier launch.

As a professional speaker I am fortunate to get to visit several wonderful, world-class hotels each year, and Vdara ranks up there in quality, design, customer service and pizazz.

Granted out cab driver did not know that the hotel or the new "City Center" area was open yet, so he argued that we could not get there by taxi (we were able to get there, but it was confusing for all). Also, the room was not ready when we arrived (huh? It is not like people were sleeping there last night!!!).... but the overall experience was great.

Vanity Fair
magazine hosted a VIP reception in the hotel to celebrate the Grand Opening, and we were invited to join the festivities,.... which made a great visit to be even better. The party showcased the hotel and many of the "Whose Who" of Las Vegas and beyond were present (photos below).

We had dinner with a great group of people at The Palm Restaurant, and then some time in the Bellagio Casino.

The trip was a success and we set some big goals for New Year Publishing in 2010.... stay tuned!!! If you want to write a book, or you are an aspiring professional speaker, we would enjoy talking with your about how our company could be a resource to help catapult your career!

Have A Great Day.


Next Day PS- The mistaken wake up call at 4:15 AM was not my favorite part, but the hotel and the kick-off party were spectacular.

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