Tuesday, December 01, 2009

December Super Focus


WTF ????? -- How did it get to be December?

Well, it happens. In fact, every year people are surprised to find the year ending so quickly.

But the reality is that the calendar always moves at the same speed.

Many business professionals start to mentally check out in December, rationalizing that January is a whole new year. Why work hard, when you can pad you 2010 victories if you sandbag your efforts... right? Plus, the holidays season is too busy with parties, families events, shopping -- nobody else ever works in December... right?

Wrong and wrong. December is a great time to double your efforts and end the year with momentum that will catapult you into the new year.

If you want 2010 to be amazing do not coast through December. Instead, have a super focus on your business.

Everyday is a new day regardless of when it falls on the calendar. When you look at the people who really kick it with success they never rationalize failure or slack off because of some lame excuse. The holidays are not a real reason to waste time.

If you want to win you must work hard to crush failure.

Look around at those who are achieving higher levels of success. These could be co-workers, peers, competitors, etc... What are they doing different? What is it that makes them soar to the top? I don't know for sure (as that would vary with different people and industries), but commonly one can point to those on top and see people who are focused, consistent, and never jealous or envious. They are not lost on the map to detraction-land, as that is not their destination.

If you feel stuck it is most likely your own fault. People who makes tons of excuses or deflect blame at every negative situation will never see these traits in themselves (thus if you are reading this and thinking "that's not me"... it still might be you!). To get past this rut you are in you need to re-tool your focus make things happen. TODAY.

A month is a long time in business (and December is one of those long months with 31 days!). You can start today and have victories before the champagne pops on New Years Eve. If you cannot close a deal, you can certainly make progress in the right direction. (people often say "my sales cycle is longer than a month, so I'll wait until after Christmas" -- huh?, you still need the whole sales cycle... start now and make the close sooner rather than later. duh).

You just have to believe you can do it. Don't kid yourself, people do work in December... and they work hard. Be one of them.

Have A Great Day.



Anonymous said...

Hi Thom,
Just finished your great guide on Networking For Women! Great stuff...I am posting today on www.WomenHomeowners.com a recommendation for women looking to step it up a notch in 2010, to pick it up...it's an easy read, and has great ideas! How ironic, I am writing this post today about planning for 2010, and your post today was on the same must be a DEC 1 thing! Happy Holidays!
Ginny Mees
Independent Women Homeowner Network.

LuAnn Glowacz said...

I love that Thom Singer just wrote WTF. Basically, that is all. But you're very right that the key to success is to gain momentum when everyone else has lost it.

chad said...

focus is my superpower and right now i am more focused than i have ever been. december is always a time when people say, "no one is buying or selling real estate." my answer, "bullshi%!" i am selling homes, my business is gaining momentum, my plans are coming to fruition, my books are coming alive, i am on fire!

lets do it thom! kick butt blog piece.