Saturday, December 19, 2009

End Of Year Blues

There seems to be a lot of business people who are checked out emotionally for the rest of the year.

Two weeks left before we hit 2010... and I keep hearing from people who say thing about "winding down" or "needing a break". It seems that with the rough economy over the last year that some are feeling the pressure. One woman told me that it is best to just take a break and start new in January.

Seems some folks have the "End Of Year Blues".

Others are claiming that "nobody else is around", thus they are not working either. They are assuming that everyone is home sipping egg nog.

I wonder that if they knew their competition was looking for ways to get ahead of them if they would be so ready to snooze for two weeks.

This is the best time to jump on the phone and set appointments. Many people have lighter than normal calendars, but are working.... thus now is the time to get in to see them. Also, if it takes a few weeks from making the call to getting the meeting, if you rest now it is late January before you are back in the swing of things. So really, it is not two weeks, but a month you might be wasting.

Would you hand your competitors 1/12th of your income?

Think about that one. Is that what you are doing?

I am not saying that there is not real benefit from vacation. There are those who save their vacation all year to spend this time with family. That is different that the people who are officially "working" who are making excuses to coast at this point.

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