Saturday, December 05, 2009

Up In The Air

While I have not seen the new George Clooney movie, Up In the Air, I must compliment the PR Firm who is handling the press coverage for this movie. Whomever is on this account should get a raise, as they have had the actors and director (and theme of the film) getting a lot of ink and air time from the media.

Friday alone week I ran across five articles about this film. Three separate mentions were in USA Today, and two others in the American Airlines magazine. Earlier in the week I saw TV interviews and other print coverage. I know this, because I travel a lot, and I enjoy reading... thus such publications and Cable TV were in my view over the last several days as I traveled to both Las Vegas and Detroit in three days.

I am often in airports, planes and hotels, so I look forward to seeing the movie. I am sure there are things I will relate to when I watch it....although, unlike Clooney's character... I am fortunate to have a family to rush home to after each trip!

Back to the PR person for the film.... I admire anyone who excels in their job. PR is a tough field, and even when your product is George Clooney it takes work to find the angle that gets anything that much press! Kudos!!

Have A Great Day.


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