Friday, May 15, 2009

Beshoff MotorCars Adds Style To A High School Couple's Prom!!!

I wrote here and here about my nephew's search to score a cool car to drive to his Senior Prom. Well last weekend was the big day, and thanks to an entrepreneurial Mercedes dealer, Beshoff MotorCars of San Jose, California.... He and his date went to the dance in mega style.

To find his transportation, Dan created "" and pleaded the case of why he did not want to drive his beat up old car or his mom's Honda Pilot for this special evening. He was about to graduate and wanted to end the year with a little pizzazz.

Sure, it was a long shot.... but the kid is enterprising, and he knew that he had nothing to lose, and everything to gain if he "made the ask".

Life is full of opportunities, but they do not come to those who sit back and wait. His only chance at glory was to take the risk.

He got some local publicity from his website, and caught the eye of Ray Beshoff, President of Beshoff MotorCars.

To be a successful luxury car dealer in the Silicon Valley, Mr. Beshoff himself has to have an overdose of entrepreneurial spirit. He met with Dan and decided to lend him a car for the prom.

The rest is family history. It was a wonderful evening for Dan and his girlfriend, and they will never forget their "Cool Prom Car".

This is just a great story.

Have A Great Day.


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