Tuesday, May 05, 2009

SUCCESS! - Lemonade Day 2009

By all accounts, LEMONADE DAY 2009 in Austin was a huge success.

My kids had a great time and learned about what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

They learned that location matters. They were set up in front of Fire Station One at 5th Street and Trinity in downtown Austin. The Austin Fire Department was very gracious and offered up their locations for children participating in the Lemonade Day program. This location was great because it was just a block away from the annual Pecan Street Festival, so there was heavy foot traffic during the girl's three hour venture.

The kids pointed out three astute observations about having their own company:

  1. If you go into business with your sister, you will probably have a few arguments.
  2. Work is hard (they were exhausted at the end of the day)
  3. Good customer service involves petting the dogs, too! (Okay, this was Kate's observation, as she loves dogs!)
They had a lot of fun, sold a lot of lemonade, created a profit and were able to make a donation to the Dell Children's Hospital (Mom and Dad required them to put up 25% of their profits to the charity of their choice!).

The people who came by were wonderful, and one man paid $20 for his $1 cup of lemonade and told them to keep the change. That was nice, and I know that good karma followed him for the rest of the day!

Our family would like to thank "Prepared 4 Life", the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Central Texas and Trilogy for bringing this program to Austin. Also special thanks to Lieutenant Jim Baker and the whole crew at the fire station for their support!

Have A Great Day.



krissy knox said...

Oh, how fantastic! What valuable lessons you were teaching your children! And best of all -- entrepreneurship with charity thrown in! Smart father. They will be blessed -- I wish my father would have stressed business -- he instilled in us that it would just be too risky and difficult. So you are such a blessing to your children! Keep it up!

krissy knox :)
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Eugene Sepulveda said...

You were a member of the team too, Thom. Thanks for helping make Lemonade Day 2009 such a success!

Ellen Wood said...

Thanks Thom for all you did to make the day a success. It was a great first event for Austin. Ellen