Sunday, May 24, 2009

Belveders Barber Lounge

I am not one who pays much attention to things like haircuts. If my wife did not tell me "time to get your haircut" on a regular basis, I would look shaggy.

I rarely return to the same place twice. I like cheap haircuts (think SuperCuts prices), but you get what you pay for, and I am never impressed with the $14 doo.

I often get my haircut while "on the road". If I am in Dallas, Denver, Seattle, Chicago or another city to give a keynote speech or other presentation I often find that I some available time in my schedule, since I make it a point to arrive a day early before taking the stage (just in case the airline or weather give me travel hiccups). Thus dropping in for a haircut when traveling works out better than working it in while at home in Austin, Texas.

This brings me to the reason for this blog post: Belvederes Barber Lounge on Congress Avenue in Austin. I have been back three times in a row. Different people have cut my hair (I walk in with no appointment when I have an unexpected opening in my schedule and Sara has informed me about the bushy appearance of the hair), but every time I have been pleased. I am getting older and thinning hair requires more skilled cutting than you get at SuperCuts! The price is higher than the cheap-o places, but not so expensive that I cry.

This place has been open for about a year, and has had three changes to the subtext part of their name.

They opened as Belvederes: A Gentleman's Salon. People thought it was a strip club.

Then they were Belvederes: Men's Day Spa. Most guys just are not into going to the "spa".

Alas, they have become Belvederes Barber Lounge. By George I think they got it! I like the sound of a "barber lounge". Sounds low key, relaxed, masculine, and speaks to "hair cuts" and nothing fluffy!

I have to give them a special shout out and a thumbs up recommendation as I will continue to keep going back. Rare thing for me, the non-fashion conscious dude, to care about his haircut.... so I thought I should share this with others.

Have A Great Day.


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The lounge is very great .