Saturday, April 25, 2009

If You Want Something AMAZING, Do Something About It

Taking action is the only way to succeed. Sitting on your ass and doing nothing will never produce results.

But sometimes you have to be unique and do something "out of the box" if you want to accomplish amazing results. Sometimes you have to "GO BIG... or go home".

My nephew wanted to go to the senior prom in style. His decade old second-hand sedan or his mom's Honda Pilot were not the dream ride for he and his girlfriend. Renting a limo was too expensive and "overdone". He is too young to rent a car from Hertz.

But Dan is an entrepreneurial young man who was not going to just settle for average.

He created a website "" seeking someone in the Silicon Valley who would lend him their luxury car for the night. He realized it was a long-shot, but that he had nothing to lose, and everything to gain from putting his dream for a sweet ride out into the universe.

The web site got local publicity in San Jose and was talked about by some bay area radio talk shows. A local paper called him to write about his attempt get a "Cool Prom Car".

His story gets better. An enterprising local car deal stepped up and will provide them with prom transportation in a new Mercedes Benz. See photo above. OH YES.... way to go, Daniel!

The Silicon Valley is a place where rewards come to those who attempt creativity and shoot for the stars. The vibe of entrepreneurial success is pervasive in the community. Those who take the risks discover the upside.

It is the soul of the entrepreneur that sees the "cool factor" in this kid trying for his dream. For this, I admire Beshoff Motorcars of San Jose for stepping up and being part of this story. Sure, they are smart, they see the marketing / PR value (CLICK HERE to visit their website...give them a ton of traffic!!) .... but beyond that they recognize the dream in a young man's heart.

I imagine after Dan has graduated from college and made his fortune that he will be a loyal Mercedes driver, but more important this smart car dealer knows that their target customer admires this kid who creates a website late one night to attempt to make his dreams come true.

I will post photos on this blog following the big Prom Night, as I am sure my nephew will send me some good pictures to share with the readers of this blog. I bet his date looks even better than the car!

Have A Great Day.



Mary said...

This is wonderful. I admire that the dealer is lending him a car for the night. This dealer has a real "entrepreneurial spirit". If more business people did things "BIG" and tried stuff we would be out of this recession. Instead, too many business owners are hiding under the desk and doing nothing unique.

Congrats to your nephew and Beshoff Motorcars. I hope they both get everything imaginable out of this partnership on Prom Night.



Ari Herzog said...

How many people are clicking your link to Beshoff Motorcars' website? Even if they're not, your readers now know the story and can share it with others, citing you and Daniel and Beshoff.

Companies can sell things left and right; but for a company to be memorable, magic must occur. Beshoff caused magic. Did you tell them about this blog post?