Friday, May 22, 2009

Are You Part of Something Special?

I was excited to tell a friend about my expanded role with New Year Publishing, a company that I co-founded four years ago. My friend and business partner has been running the business, and it is great to be working closer with him on a regular basis as we expand the company.

NYP's first book was also my first book, "Some Assembly Required: How to Make, Grow and Keep Your Business Relationships" (Available all the time at, but over the years the company has grown to produce more than my products and we now have over a dozen titles in our catalog.

The company helps executives, entrepreneurs and professional speakers complete there books and make them available to the world -- creating a phenomenal marketing tool to extend the reach of their products, services and brand.

A survey by the Jensen Group showed that 87% of people imagine writing a book. I professed that "being the catalyst for the fulfillment of other people's dreams brings great joy".

My friend replied "Wow, how wonderful to be part of something special".

I realized he said this with a tinge of sadness, as he looks at his job as a job, working for a company where nothing is done to challenge those who work for the organization to strive for anything more than the bottom line.

I spent the day yesterday with some very savvy and motivated entrepreneurs as part of the Entrepreneurs Organization Accelerator Program. (If you are an entrepreneur and are not familiar with EO, you should discover the local chapter in your city). Each one of these dedicated business owners is looking to create something special for themselves and their employees.

Is this creation of an exceptional place to work the exception or the rule? I talk with too many people who feel they trudge off to the workplace everyday for nothing special.

Are you part of something special? If you own a business, do you know how your employees would answer this question? If they would say "no".... or you haven't a clue as to how they would answer.... how does that make you feel? If it doesn't make you feel like crap then what went wrong?

Most entrepreneurs start their companies with lofty goals of hosting a special environment for all stakeholders, but for some these ideals get lost along the way.

I have been talking and writing a lot lately about surrounding yourself with amazing people, and it does matter (this is why I joined the EO Accelerator Program!). I see the benefits in my own life, both at New Year Publishing, in my professional speaking career, at home, and with friends. Having people who challenge you to do more than you could ever do alone is what makes your world special!

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Xmas said...

Yes, they are really a burden on the earth and on themselves too .