Monday, May 18, 2009

Leaders Inspire

Managers "hire and fire" -- Leaders "inspire". I think one problem we are having in this economy is that we have too much management and not nearly enough leadership!

I had an interesting breakfast today with a friend who asked NOT to be named on my blog.

He shared that he is encountering few companies with CEO's that are true leaders. He is frustrated at seeing so many experienced and intelligent business professionals who are "hoping" for an external recovery instead of going out and taking risks to create their own successes.

In good times everyone appears to have leadership skills, but in tough times the curtain is removed and few have the foundation on which to draw strength.

He thinks that most folks are so scared of making a mistake that they are doing nothing. Companies are trying to save their way to success by not making any financial expenditures.... and thus it trickles down the line so that everyone is paralyzed.

What do you think? Are you surrounded by leaders or managers? Ask you co-workers if the boss has inspired them in the last month. If they look at you like you are nuts, you know the answer!

Have A Great Day.


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Irene said...

I agree. A true leader not only inspires but leads by example, whether it is in being true to his/her word, taking the initiative to implement an innovative idea, or the ability to provide guidance to both his/her manager and the people she/he supervises.