Sunday, May 10, 2009

Blogging As Part of Self

I find writing this blog to be very good for my soul. It allows me to voice my thoughts, opinions, pontifications, ideas, points of view, advice (solicited and unsolicited!) and observations. It enables me to share a part of myself that would not otherwise exist. It has become part of how I discover who I am.

In my youth I imagined I would have it all figured out by 40. Turns out that we are always learning -- about the world and about ourselves. I feel sad for those who do not look at themselves and seek improvement. It is through this work on myself that I discover more about humanity.

My hope is along the way my writing has an impact on others.

I never worry about if people read my blog. The number of readers continues to grow, so I assume that most of it must matter. If you do read it regularly, THANK YOU. If I ever offend you on occasion, then I AM SORRY. If I ever help you, I AM HONORED.

When someone criticizes me or this blog I pay attention. I enjoy hearing feedback (positive and negative). I see this blog as a work-in-progress, as am I as a person.

While criticism hurts, it is never un-welcomed. Life is a journey down a river that takes many turns. This blog helps me navigate the rough patches. I make mistakes and I can course correct. I want to become more tomorrow than I am today.

Thanks for reading.

Have A Great Day.



Andrew Weaver said...

You mean to tell me I won't have it all figured out by 40?? Oh man... ;-)

Thank you, Thom for continuing to pump out great material. I always enjoy reading your posts.

Ari Herzog said...

I don't read every post of yours, but I do read--and comment when inspired, such as now.

Keep writing tomorrow.

Eugene Sepulveda said...

I agree, Thom. Blogging also helps us listen differently, more actively, more closely. Writing, deciding what to write, what not to write is the luxury of reflection few enjoy daily.