Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jealousy Is For Losers

I heard two women talking at a nearby table in Starbucks. One was clearly having personal issues with her younger sister's career success. She felt bad about hating her sister for her victories, but none the less she was green with envy and she was lamenting about all of the short coming from her sister's lifetime.

After about five minutes her friend stopped her verbal rant by stating sternly: "Jealousy Is For Losers! You are not a loser, so stop this crap!". She went on to coach her friend to take pride in her sibling for all that she has accomplished and stop looking at the financial rewards as some kind of cosmic scorecard. She counseled that she should learn from her sister, not be-little her.

I know it is bad to eavesdrop, but this was interesting!

I smiled as I listened to them both discuss jealousy and how to never let it enter your soul. It was great advice from one friend to another. We all have people in our lives whom we can look to and wish for a piece of their success. The problem comes when it goes beyond admiration and becomes envy, coupled with mental anguish and disdain.

I try hard not to fall into the trap of that "green eyed monster". I think we should all enjoy seeing other people succeed and try to learn from them rather than internally undermining their achievements.

I love the reminder that "Jealousy is for Losers!!". Words to live by.

Have A Great Day.


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