Monday, November 10, 2008

A Little Pride (and Bragging) On My Hometown

BusinessWeek released a state-by-state survey of the best cities in the United States for raising children.

While my beloved Austin, Texas (adopted Hometown) did not make the list (which proves that the mainstream media is flooded with people who are out of touch!), the city where I was born, Arcadia, and raised did rank NUMBER ONE in California.

That was kinda random...and very cool.

I am a graduate of Arcadia High School in Arcadia, California --- and until three months ago my dad still lived there in the house where I was raised. It was a good place to grow up (way back then!) and I still have great friendships with many of my childhood classmates, some I have known since Kindergarten.

The comment in the BusinessWeek article about peacocks roaming free around the neighborhoods made me laugh. They have had free run there for longer than I have been alive. Yes, they can fly (short distances) as we often would have flocks of them on our roof! I learned to drive a car with the special skill of "peacock avoidance". Not something that everyone learns at sixteen years old!

Congrats to Arcadia for this honor. I still pick Austin as the place to raise my kids, but I can still have pride in the city of my youth!!!

Have A Great Day.


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