Sunday, November 23, 2008


Healthy beats sick.

After 48 hours I now am starting to feel normal again. I slept most of today and watched hours of cable news and I Love Lucy reruns.

On the one hand, an entire weekend wasted.

On the other hand, I had lots of time to be humbled and ponder my recent dedication to wellness. I had not been really sick in over two years. I have worked hard to get enough rest and eat well to avoid having just the sort of episode that took me down this weekend.

Alas, I am reminded that without our health we are damaged goods. Yet I think I (and others) often take our health for granted. It takes a big cold to remind us of just how much we need our bodies to be fit and going strong if we want to accomplish all that we can. I do a lot of things and often walk a tight rope of getting it all done. Fortunately there were no major plans this weekend.

With all the holiday parties and other get togethers around the corner we all need to be careful not to get a cold or the flu. I had a flu shot earlier in the fall, but that did not good with a big ol' cold.

And those of us who live in Austin, Texas have the delightful "Cedar Fever" season coming up from December - February. What is "Cedar Fever" asks the uninitiated? It is hell on earth.

We have these trees here in Central Texas that spray pollen into the air once the cold weather arrives. It took me years to develop the cedar allergy, and I spent that time thinking people were exaggerating the symptoms.... until I fell victim.

Cedar Fever is like having the flu for a whole month. And worse, the congestion often leads to sinus infections and other things. Without my allergy medicine I would lose the yearly battle. This little cold episode has reminded me I need my health to survive January.

PS - thanks to all the people who left comments on my "Sick" post or emailed me with remedies (or good wishes).

Have A Great Day


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