Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Celebrate Austin Entrepreneurship Project" - December 2008

Every December I dedicate the posts on this blog (or most of them) to praising those I admire.

In December 2006 I focused on authors and bloggers whom I admired. I called it the "Praise Others Project".

In December 2007 I focused on Passion. The "Celebrate Passion Project" highlighted those whom I have seen put passion out there for the world to see.

This year I am going to honor the Entrepreneurial Spirit that makes my hometown of Austin, Texas so spectacular. While I realize that people read this blog from all over the world, and that there are amazing entrepreneurs in every city... I only have a month. Thus I am going to write about some of the cool companies and their founders whom I have the honor of knowing here in my local community.

I hope you enjoy this series of blog posts.

Have A Great Day.


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John Rasco said...


Just ran across your blog as a resource for Austin startups, and commend your gracious project to tout Austin entrepreneurs. "DOING unto others" implies a positive proactivity, not just the absence of doing bad things. You're doing a good thing...thanks!