Friday, September 07, 2007

Proof That Numskulls Exist

According to an article in the September 2007 edition of IN Magazine, Stanford University researcher Mark Granovetter found that 70% of jobs are discovered through networking.

Let us assume this statistic is correct (I have no reason to doubt Mr. Granovetter), then what in the world is wrong with the numskulls out there who discredit the power of having a strong network of professional contacts?

I can write books, give speeches and scream from the roof tops about this topic, and I still get emails from people who think it is a waste of time to aggressively network. These are the same people who consider others "lucky" who regularly get great opportunities.

Opportunities Come From People!!!

If you do not know the right people, you will be waiting for Godot.

Have A Great Day.



Aruni said...

My cousin (who is a doctor) once told me that about 30% of the world population lacks the ability for abstract reasoning. I was stunned by that number but I often run across those people who make me think that statistic might be even higher!

My guess is that the people who think it's a waste of time to network are the ones who are afraid to network. Networking comes naturally to some people and for others it is a lot of hard work.

Who is Godot?

Steve Harper said...

Interesting post Thom. A hero of mine and yours Harvey Mackay stated in a speech I watched him give that 80% of the jobs are never advertised and 60% of all jobs landed are landed because someone knows someone...i.e. networking works.

Ripple On!!!