Sunday, September 02, 2007

Good Morning Honolulu

I am quoted in an article about blogging in today's Honolulu Star-Bulletin. A reader of The Some Assembly Required Blog from Hawaii e-mailed me this link.

The writers (John-Paul Micek and Deborah Cole-Micek) quote me from an article I wrote over a year ago for At the time my blog only had about 100 regular readers via RSS, but I was happy with this because the purpose of the blog was not to dominate the blogosphere, but instead to help promote my books and help me get corporate speaking engagements. These goals are still being met, and my RSS readership is now much larger....and so I keep on bloggin'.

Micek and Cole-Micek's advice for business professionals who blog is to remember that success is not based solely on traffic and RSS feeds. The success of your blog should instead be measured on how well it helps you promote your business. Very true!

Anyway, it was fun to know that I am in the Hawaiian newspaper today....although it would be more fun to actually be in Hawaii! I think a goal for 2008 is to speak at a conference in Honolulu.

Have A Great Day.



John Paul Micek said...

Thom, you'll certainly be welcome at our first hosted event here in Hawaii in 2008. We'll have to talk. :)

BTW -- the reason the article quoted your case study from ProBlogger a year ago is because when we are traveling or taking time off, our editorial assistant will occasionally pull relevant articles from our archives to be used in our weekly business column. It's part of our optimization strategy that allows us to live the ultimate business owner's lifestyle. ;-)

I hope you don't mind the added exposure. :)


Thom Singer said...

John-Paul and Deborah-

No problem, I loved the article. Thanks.