Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blog Talk Radio Show - Week #6 - Chris Justice

This week I had a great conversation with Chris Justice, CEO of Sparksight. Chris is an expert in marketing and advertising with a unique understanding of the importance of social media and how this ever changing area is impacting companies.

The world of PR, marketing, advertising and corporate event management are all being turned upside down as a variety of emerging social media outlets. Corporations no longer control the public conversations about their products....customers and other observers are in charge. People are talking and smart companies are paying attention.

Is it scary for a 50 year old CEO or entrepreneur to accept that a bunch of 25-year-old technology enabled bloggers and discussion forum participants are going to have as much or more impact on her company's image as her highly paid PR firm? Yep, scary as hell. But that does not change the reality of a Social Media Web 2.0 world.

CLICK HERE to listen to this great conversation between myself and Chris Justice of Sparksight.

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Anonymous said...

You are getting better each week. This is your best show so far. Keep up the good work.

Mary Pat