Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Future Of Employment

Imagine a company that came to an employee or potential employee and discovered what is their passion…their inner life’s spark (you know, the “if you could do anything” stuff). The executives in this business could craft a job to meet the person’s strengths and additionally find ways to help that person chase their dream. Think of how this company's staff would feel about coming to work knowing that everyone wanted to see the employees individually find balance in their life and prosper.

Everyone has different things that bring them joy. If they feel they must hide their passion at work they will never reach their potential. A company can engineer salary and responsibilities to meet the needs of an employee, creating a unique combination of flex time and performance targets.

Together a company and its employees can prosper. The individual can pursue his dream while working to make the business wildly successful.

Sound like a fantasy? It isn’t. There are companies out there that are seeing their future success depends on working with their staff to create a win-win work environment. No longer can a company just have a cookie cutter job description and expect the best talent to be excited about conforming to meet the mold. The future is carving out unique roles for unique individuals.

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