Thursday, September 13, 2007

Attitude Defibrillator

Do you ever feel like your attitude has suffered a massive coronary? You want to see the glass as half-full, but it is just screaming "half-empty" so loud that you are dead on arrival?

We all have bad days, but sometimes those bummer feelings take over your life and limit your potential. You want a bright future, but all you see are gray clouds. On these days, wouldn't it be great if you could just shock your attitude back to life?

My friend, Chad Goldwasser, (one of America's top realtors) is a master at personal motivation. He has grown his real estate empire, The Goldwasser Team, into one of the most successful within the Keller Williams organization. He will tell you that one of the reasons for his amazing achievements has been that he has learned how to harness his positive attitude.

Hanging around with Chad is like having Tony Robbins as your best friend. He is always excited to see others reach their potential, and has launched The Goldwasser Institute to empower individuals to make constructive changes in their personal and professional lives. He has created seminars, motivational CD's and other training products that can jump start people who want to accomplish more in their lives.

His newest product is a CD titled "Attitude Defibrillator". It is based on his belief that while attitude is not "everything", choosing to attack your life with a positive demeanor will help propel you forward. I was having a "bad day" on Tuesday morning. I had a copy of the CD and popped it into my car's player....WAMMO... once the CD was done, I felt like I had received an electric shock that helped put my attitude back on course. Chad's words and his excitement were like a defibrillator restarting my positive attitude.

This new CD is available for purchase at The Goldwasser Institute website for $18. A small investment for a way to zap your attitude back on track. If you regularly listen to motivational materials in your car, this program is for you. If you do not regularly listen to such materials, maybe you should!

Have A Great Day.


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