Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blog Talk Radio Show - Week #8 - John Oberg

This weeks radio interview about executive coaching turned out to be both an excellent discussion with coach John Oberg, and a learning experience for the host of the show.

For the first 14 minutes there were technical difficulties with the Blog Talk Radio system that prevented me from hearing John. Therefore as the host of a live show I had my first experience with having to fill dead air. Oh yes, I just talked about my experiences with executive coaches and talked about how one always must have a "back-up plan" when participating in live events.

Fortunately, John kept calling in from different phones until we got a connection that worked, and we jumped in with both feet to discuss the topic. If you have ever wanted to more about how corporate coaching operates, then take the time to listen to this weeks interview.

Click Here to listen. It should be fun for some to hear me squirm for the first few minutes!

Have A Great Day.


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Anonymous said...

Laughing. You did fine, but it is funny to hear you trying to just keep the show going with no idea of what is happening. LOL.