Thursday, September 06, 2007

Law Firm Marketers Are Being Locked The Back Room! Free them and your firm will prosper.

I have never understood why so many law firms hire marketing professionals and then stash them away in an interior office. Your marketing team can be a huge asset to helping promote and protect the image of your firm....but many lawyer think that if you do not have a JD you are sub-human (yes, they feel this way about clients too, but since clients pay their ridiculously high fees, they pretend to tolerate them). Firms do not require, encourage or allow their marketing professionals to ever represent the firm in the business community.

Bruce Allen has an important post on his blog today about why law firm marketing professionals need to network. This is just good business for the firm. If you are a lawyer and your firm employs marketing professionals, check their expense reports to see if they are attending a minimum of two business events every week. If they are not, find out why. Is it that they are lazy and just sucking on your firm to get a pay check, or is it because some idiot senior partners do not think it is a good idea for them to be out networking. Neither of these answers are appropriate.

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