Friday, July 26, 2013

Cool Things My Friends Do: Hayley Foster - The Short Talk Expert

Each Friday on this blog I enjoy highlighting some of the cool things my friends do in their personal and professional lives.

My friend Hayley Foster is known as "The Short Talk Expert". She has been speaking, training and consulting for over 30 years, and now trains speakers (both professional speakers and others) in how to properly craft shorter format presentations.  She has been working with the TEDx speakers and program organizers since the early days, as she was one of the organizers of the first TEDxNASA in November 2009 (which was one of the first ever TEDx Events).

Hayley has a particular expertise in the art of the TED Style Talk. Her unique background together with her TEDx experience resulted in the creation of a proprietary process for crafting original, passionate core messages with a wide variety of presenters, from teen novices to world-renowned experts. Hayley has been the designated Speaker Coach for all six TEDxNASA events, as well as having worked with speakers for many other presentations. She has coached over 250 TEDx speakers to date (including over 100 professional speakers).

This week Hayley is releasing a new mini-book (Minibuk) called "Don't Tank Your TED Talk: 12 Mistakes Professional Speakers Make".  The book is written for the experienced speaker who may mistakenly think their TED presentation is just a shorter version of their regular "shtick".  However, that can be a big mistake, as a TED Talk is more than an 18 minute (or shorter) presentation, and a speaker trying to get all their material into that format can easily flop.

Her book is ready for sneak preview premier at the 2013 National Speakers Association Annual Conference (which kicks off TODAY). If you are attending, you can find Hayley and talk to her about her new book (she might even have a copy or two with her!).  Or you can send her an email  for more information.

The book will soon be available for purchase on her website at on August 1, 2013.

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