Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Being Friendly is Being Generous

Several friends sent me the link to today's blog post by Seth Godin.  In his post, "A Sea of Strangers", Seth talks about how everyone is a bit nervous walking into a room where they do not know anyone.  He draws a wonderful connection about how those who reach out and make connections are being generous.  Did you ever realize that saying "hello" is a gift?

I have been thinking and writing a lot lately about the topic of "generosity", as I am finding that it is paramount to success.  In our "social media crazy world" people are not necessarily becoming more connected.  Much of the communication can be one sided and superficial, and while people are "like", "share", "link" and "follow", there is still a desire to connect.  People who want to have better relationships in business (and life) need to be more generous in how they engage with others.

Yesterday I began writing on, and one of my first posts talked about my "Cool Things My Friends Do" series of blog posts, and how I wish more people would write and talk about things that other people did (not only about their own pontifications).  This goes hand in hand with connecting to others and with being generous.  We should find ways to take the initiative to meet and promote others, as it comes back to benefit everyone. 

Seth says the connected person has made a generous choice to by reaching out and saying hello.  This can be the first step in building a meaningful relationship.  I think he is right.

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