Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hackers Claim I Lost Weight. Liars.

My Twitter account was hacked.  I have seen it happen to others for years, but it had never before happened to me.

The account sent out some bogus Direct Message proclaiming my weight loss success.  First, anyone who knows me would instantly see that this was BS, as not only do I not spam out things like that on Twitter, I am currently having zero success with my weight loss (going the opposite direction).

I went ahead and turned on the "Two-Step Verification" for all my social media tools, as while having to get a code sent to my phone before logging on is a pain in the butt, it beats having my account used by Nigerian Princes and other bad people who want to send out ridiculous tweets.

The thing that surprised me was how many people thought it was real.  Have they not learned by now that messages touting weight loss, or funny pictures of you, or bad rumors being spread are always spam?  

I get these fake DM's and other social media hack spam on a daily basis from other people's accounts, and just know it is part of the dark side of social media.  These spammers are the dregs of the social media earth, but they are here to stay.

Of course I am sure that someone will soon find a way to hack past the "Two-Step Verification".  The next step will be to add a blood test or retina scan before every Tweet! 

Good luck out there in social media.  I hope you are never hacked.  But if you do know how I can lose 15 lbs, let me know!

Have A Great Day

thom singer


Ari Herzog said...

I know people who are losing lots of weight through carb-free diets. But the thing is once the carbs return to your system your body doesn't know what to do so the weight comes back.

Best diet is a lifestyle change, not a true diet. I'm doing a low-carb diet. This doesn't mean I won't have pizza but it's not everyday and my body is fine with that. It's 12 noon right now and my breakfast was half of a KIND energy bar. I'll make an egg white omelette for lunch when I come back from the gym.

Harwick Family said...

Advocare has worked well for me, Thom.