Monday, July 01, 2013

Don't Copy The Famous - Be YOU

Many people chase a business dream, and look to those who are on top of the game as their example.  They see what the "famous" people in their industry are doing and put their efforts into modeling the look and feel of their personas. They seek to re-create their daily activities, assuming that will bring them success.

The problem is what the successful are doing today is not necessarily what they were doing on the way up the ladder.  

Many who become famous then try to teach others (often charging large amounts) to follow their "systems" to get famous, too.  The problem is much of what they teach is clouded by activities that were developed once they reached the top. People who rise to the top often forget what it really took to get there. 

Additionally, the world changes fast.  This means the vehicles they used to attain their success are no longer the same as they were when they were starting out.  

Those who garnered wide-spread attention using blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media tools cannot tell you how they would build their platforms today.  Many of there "gurus" were early users and forget that that mattered.  Now there are different realities than for those who are new to the game.

Do not copy the famous.  Look to them as inspiration, but do not think you can do what they did and create the same results.  

Those who have found their success are always motivational for others who are climbing their way to the top.  But imitation is never as exciting as the original.  Instead of being like someone else, or mimicking their image, create something unique that makes you interesting to your audience. 

We all have the ability to create something that is our own signature.  Be curious about how others got to their success, but do not think they have a road map.  Why does Brad Pitt get $19 Million per movie when their are lots of good looking actors (with great abs) who are waiting tables on Sunset Blvd?  Lots of people fail in Hollywood who show up trying to be the "next Brad Pitt".  I am not even sure if the audience wants another Brad, since there is already one who is still making movies!  (Note, a female friend just told me there can never be too many Brad Pitts!).

Better to just show up and be YOU.

Have A Great Day

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