Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Need 218 Votes To Stay Alive In The Social Madness Contest

From my participation in the ABJ's Social Madness Contest I have learned some interesting stuff about how social media connections are moved to action, or not moved to action, by Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blog posts.

I was one of the top 8 local small companies in the kick-off round.  But the scores got wiped clean when we moved to the bracket rounds.  The number of follower sign-ups on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn carry forward.

As I go into the last days of the first bracket round I am behind by 218 votes and sign ups.

I need your help to stay in the game.  Please vote.  Then follow my business on Facebook and LinkedIn.  Finally... TELL OTHERS.  I have no chance of moving forward unless I have some evangelists.

Please and Thank You!!!

Vote at


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