Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Making Things Happen In Your Career - Your Potential Is Bigger When You "Choose People"

I had a conversation with a professional who has the potential to be HUGE in his industry.  He has experience and a track record of success.  He is smart and has ambition.  But he needs focus.  To really achieve his goals he needs to tap into his inner potential.

All of us have hopes and desires.  Each of us can get to the greatness we desire but not if we are waiting for it to show up through some outside force.  We must focus and take actions to get to our best selves.  Hoping or wishing it will come about is not the right strategy.

I have found many give up too early.  When faced with adversity we back off from going for the goals that we claim to be chasing.  I know that I have been guilty of this.  By quitting too early we never know if we could have come face-to-face with destiny.

People who support us and encourage our dreams are necessary if we are going to keep going when times get tough.  Cherish your friends who are willing to push and pull you toward our inner abilities that are screaming to get out into the world.  Do not fall prey to thinking you can do it all alone.  We need to "choose people" early and cultivate meaningful relationships so that others will understand our potential within.

It is unfortunate that it is hard to find people who will really care enough to take actions that encourage you.  True friends are not easy to find, as we live in a world where too often "self" is the priority.  But don't give up, as there are givers out there who want your friendship..... but you must discover them.  When you find the "right" people, invest in knowing and supporting their goals, dreams and inner potential.

Assisting each other is a pattern of circles that lets everyone live up to their potential.  It is "Cooperative Significance" - and does not happen by accident!

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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Matt Brennan said...

Excellent post, Thom. I agree. I see talented people all the time who become side tracked when a family member or friend is less than supportive. Having that network is huge.