Monday, June 11, 2012

Achieving Your 2012 Goals - Summer Focus Coaching

Times are tough.  Yep. 

Times are always tough.

That is no reason not to pursue your dreams and it is no excuse to let what is said in the media keep you from trying.

We are nearing the half-way point of 2012.  There is still plenty of time to make amazing things happen in your career before we meet the new light of 2013.

Need coaching?  There are many people who you can work with to assist you in finding direction.

Want to work with me?  I offer a "Mini-Coaching Blitz" to get a grasp on goal setting, LinkedIn, and your overall visibility in your community (I can also tailor this to focus on presentation skills, if that is the area you need a boost).

Mini-Coaching Blitz

If you desire a stronger focus on visibility, personal branding, networking activities, and developing a strategy for the 2nd half of 2012, this "mini-coaching blitz" might be an ideal chance for you to fine tune your efforts in time for the new year.
*Two one-hour meetings (by phone or face-to-face if you are in Austin).  Plan 90-minutes for each meeting, as there is a lot to talk about!
*LinkedIn Review ($250 value).  I will look over all aspects of your LinkedIn profile and make suggestions to increase your effectiveness.
*Unlimited email access for two months. (Go ahead, ask me specific questions as you get moving on your plan!)
The value price for this mini-coaching program is $795, but for a unique summer opportunity the investment is only $375.  
Both meetings must be scheduled between June 15th and August 30th (with a minimum of 7 days in between).  The meetings are one hour in length, but may run longer.  Email responses will be provided within 48 hours (usually within 12 hours).
I have the availability to work with ten individuals (8 spots still available).  If you are interested, please contact me by email or phone ASAP.
Take Aways:
*Review of LinkedIn and discussion about how to best utilize this business tool and other social media as part of your integrated visibility strategy.
*Identification of networking organizations in your business community and a plan for how to maximize your time and financial commitment.
*Goal setting and integrated visibility plan.
*Development of a personalized follow up and thank you policy.
Contact me at:
thom (at)
(512) 970-0398

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