Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How Big Is Your Tent?

I have written before about "Big Tent Thinkers" (I think I got that phrase from Tim Sanders). These are people who view the world as full of opportunities for everyone, and never believe the success of another person is taking away from their victories in life. They want everyone to find a place under the Big Top, and take pride in helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

In the past year of turbulent economic conditions we have seen many people face tough times. It is in these rough situations that people show if they are "Big Tent Thinkers" or "small tent thinkers". When confronting difficulties is when the deep seeded character traits rise to the surface. When things are going great it is easy for people to wear a mask that smiles all the time.

I admire "Big Tent Thinkers". I love how they look for ways to serve others and create win / win situations. When dining with a group in a restaurant, they never worry when the check comes about who had more wine with dinner, or who ordered dessert.... they just agree to split the bill evenly. They are happy to let others take the spotlight. They do not need to win every game they play.

I am fortunate, as I am surrounded by "Big Tent Thinkers". I have learned great lessons from their actions, not just their words. The people whom are part of your life have a direct impact on the tent you live under.

Best-selling author, Jack Canfield, says that "you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with". Hmmm, think about that for a minute. If you are hanging around with "small tent thinkers",... then you cannot be one.

What do you think about this? Are you a "Big Tent Thinker"? Do you even think it is possible to be one in this economy? How can you establish relationships with "Big Tent Thinkers"? What should you do if you realize your friends live in small tents?

Have A Great Day.


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Eugene Sepulveda said...

this topic is persistent for you. seems like something's gestating - can't wait for its birth