Thursday, October 29, 2009

Your Company Sucks At Marketing

"Because we have always done it that way".

If those in your organization say the above sentence regularly, then your company probably sucks when it comes to marketing, business development, PR, social media, and sales.

The past 18 months have been a rough time in the business community. Most companies have felt some pain from the trickle down (or lack there of) effect, as spending has been frozen in many arenas. Many business owners have had to make hard decisions which have impacted their business image directly and indirectly.

There are signs of recovery in the economy, and that means opportunity. The time is now to invest in marketing programs that can help lead your company to new sales. While the recent spending cuts in such things have saved money in the short run, you cannot save your way to prosperity. Out of sight is out of mind, and many businesses have been invisible for too long.

When it comes to gaining new attention to drive business, there are no guarantees. Sometimes when you are promoting your cause you must throw some spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks. Too many people are scared to take these risks, so they do nothing new. They look to what they, or their competitors, have done in the past and simply put their marketing efforts on "repeat".

Looking for new ways to connect with customers, prospects, referral sources and others in your business community means being creative. Real creativity by its nature involves risk. Nothing great was ever created by hugging the status quo.

Social media, networking, advertising, PR, etc.... all take time, money, effort and a degree of risk. Too many people shy away from doing the things necessary to help build their corporate (and personal) brands, while making all type of excuses. They rationalize why they fail in these areas, often claiming they are "too busy" doing work for existing customers. Everyone is busy... that is just an excuse. If you are doing this you might be handing future revenues to your competitors.

It is time to double down on your business efforts. Step outside of your normal activities. Ask questions of others. Listen to what they say. Observe how the most successful operate, and look for ways you can emulate (without copying). Do not be frightened to try something new.

Marketing success means you get attention, and then you convert that attention into business. Step one is to take action.

Have A Great Day.



Juli Monroe said...

Thom, this is great. One of the challenges I have had with clients this year is motivating them to take action. They have been scared of doing the wrong thing. I've been telling them that taking some action (even if it's the wrong one) is better than doing nothing. Your comment about throwing spaghetti is spot on. Maybe I need to start bringing pasta to client meetings.

WBS said...

Great Point, Juli. NOW is the time to try things that your competitors are putting off. A lot of businesses make their mark when economic times are tough.