Monday, October 19, 2009

As Seen On TV

While in Charlotte, North Carolina last week I was a guest on the Fox News Rising morning television show.

I was in the Queen City to speak at two seminars, one of which was hosted by the Charlotte Business Journal.

Charlotte is a great town!!!

Here is the clip from the interview.

Have A Great Day.



ChiefExecOrganizer said...

Nice job, Thom! :)

Storyteller said...

Like a pro!

Beth Bridges said...


Congratulations, very nice. They gave you so much time! Your key points should be shared with everyone not just job seekers.

Especially the point about the elevator pitch. A long introduction giving all the details leaves so little for the other person to discover for themselves. And it sounds like a pitch!

I will be sharing this with a job club that I speak to every month. They need to view and learn!


P.S. What a small, strange world. I was IN Charlotte on vacation at the same time you were there.

Janice Hataway said...

Wonderful interview, Thom!

Harwick Family said...

Well done, Amigo. Very polished. Showed good energy...and nice teeth!

R.D. Childers said...

They gave you enough time to speak in complete sentences.

That turned out well.

Good Job.

David Morris said...

Very Nice!