Tuesday, October 13, 2009

December Is A Great Time For Corporate Training

Many companies, law firms, and other organizations look at the week between Christmas and New Years as a "dead week" (actually, many view the entire month of December as "dead"). They assume that their employees, customers, referral sources, vendors and others are all taking vacation.

Many employees are cast with "holding down the fort" at the office. This often means having little to do while hanging around with everyone else talking about their holiday egg nog and stories about their in-laws.

The reality is that while many people are taking days off in December, a lot of people are out of vacation days by the end of the year.... or banking the days off for use in the new calendar.

A great idea for employers is to schedule optional training days for the employees who are present in the office during December. Instead of being worried about those who are gone on vacation, and wasting the days for those who are in the office, a smart boss will reward those who are at work with a motivational, inspirational and educational workshop. Make the most out of slow times, rather than having people sit around.

I shared this idea with a friend who shouted "That's NOT FAIR" for those who have out of town family obligations. Huh, is he six-years-old? Who said the world was fair? Is it fair to the employee who has to come into work and has little or nothing to do because society has made this mistake of thinking everyone is gone during this time of the year.

Get your people fired up for the new year and you will jump start your company to take action before your competition has even gotten over the January 1st hangovers.

While the training is not mandatory (those who are traveling can go off and have a great time), those who are in town will benefit from a sense of purpose during this usually period of time.

Most employees are hungry for motivation. The economic conditions of the last year have lead many companies to cancel all training classes. This might be just the thing to create a fresh start in 2010. Do not let the dull-drums of the past 18 months become the norm in your business. Look to do things in a new and different manner. December is a great time for corporate training... you never know until you try!

Have A Great Day.


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Anonymous said...

My company does this and we are able to secure discounts from the training companies, speakers and coaches... as they are happy to have the extra work in late December.

John L said...

Might be a good idea for some, but my industry is too busy at the end of the year. Nobody is allowed much time off in December.