Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Leadership Austin Kicks of 2009 / 2010 Emerge Breakfast Series

Leadership Austin kicked off the new season for the monthly "Emerge Breakfast Series" with a standing room only crowd at Chez Zee Restaurant this morning.

The topic of Infrastructure: Decoding The Various Community Plans, featured Stevie Greathouse (principal planner for Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization - CAMPO) and Garner Stoll (assistant director, City of Austin Planning & Development Review Department).

Transportation planning is has a long term focus. The city is currently operating under a plan that was adopted in 1979, so as new plans are being considered, their impact will be felt for decades.

Both CAMPO and the City of Austin are currently seeking public input as they will developing new plans over then next 18 months. The values of the plans will come from the public interests more than they will from a "task force", and their decisions are important to all citizens of the Central Texas region.

If you are not familiar with the Leadership Austin Emerge Breakfast Series, you need to check them out. They bring important discussion topics to the floor, and allow for audience participation in the debate. For more information visit www.leadershipaustin.org.

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BlueRose said...

Hi, Thom
Where can one find information about the "Smart Series" that you are doing Feb. 18th please?
or about the Leadership Austin Emerge Breakfast Series? I searched the web and could not find anything.
Maritta Terrell

Thom Singer said...

Maritta- The Smart Series is an Austin Business Journal event. They will have that up on their calendar in a week or so.

Emerge Breakfast series is a Leadership Austin event.. .see www.leadershipaustin.org