Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Style And Pizazz

Some people have great style.

I don't mean their clothes, haircuts, or sporty cars.

I am talking about how people live in their own skin. The manner in which they react to all that happens around then. Certain people move about the world with unique confidence, power and competence. These folks have gravitas (look it up).

People come into our lives and show us by example how to extend our own reach. They teach us how to be all that we can be. We each need to be open and ready for these lessons when they arrive or we miss opportunities. I believe we all want to grasp more of that passion that some possess naturally. Those folks with that style and pizazz are no different from anyone else, they just take action.

Someone I admire sent me an email encouraging me to take a specific action. He ended his email with:
"p.s. Life is about the questions you ask: Not “I cannot afford this” But “HOW can I afford this?” Nice! I want to add: "Can I afford NOT to do this?! (meaning - I MUST just find a way to do this!!!)"

Taking action is the key. It is easy to make excuses, but that does not lead anyone toward the desired success. I know first hand that when we take actions we get results. I see this in my own world, but even more so in the lives of my entrepreneurial friends who are growing successful companies. I like the style of those entrepreneurs who never see obstacles, but only opportunities.

Entangle yourself in a level of that style and bring it into your own life. Emulate the success traits of those you admire. Project confidence. The image you put forth to the world does matter.

Have A Great Day.


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