Monday, October 13, 2008

Naked Networking

What do you wear when you network? Have you ever networked naked?

I am not talking about clothes or recommending going to your local nudist camp to make business contacts!!! (where would you keep your business cards?).

I am referring to the mental costumes that we all wear when we leave the house. The people we meet are often hiding parts of themselves. Most of us do it. I know I do. I try not to, but inside w0rry about being pre-judged and then subconsciously cover up pieces of myself.

However, how can we expect others to give their all to us when we have suppressed ourselves? We have to have faith that who we are is good enough and complete. Share your soul in order to receive others.

Strip off the facade and let the you inside be present when you network. Make it a gift that you put out to the people that you meet, and they will return the favor.

Network naked. Yes, it can be scary, and maybe some people will not like you. So what? Those with whom you do build mutually beneficial relationships will appreciate you more than anyone who only gets to know only part of you. Real connections are where the power lies.

Have A Great Day.


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