Friday, October 17, 2008

New Austin Tech Blog - STARTING UP by Lori Hawkins

Austin American-Statesman reporter Lori Hawkins has a new blog "STARTING UP", which I have recently begun to read.

Lori is a fixture in the Austin Tech Community, and her blog is a fresh "must read" for those who live, work and play in and around the start-up community.

I have been trying to add her to my Blog Roll - but the service I use ( is having some issues. I will add her to my list as soon as I can get access.

Check out her 1999 story about the 25 top people to know in technology that she mentioned in her October 3rd blog post. The people mentioned are still mostly the people to know nine years later!

Great job with the new blog, Lori.

Have A Great Day.


1 comment:

lorihawkins said...

Hi Thom,

Thanks so much for the mention!

Let's grab Marney and get together for coffee and a brainstorming session regarding the 2.0 version of 25 To Know. What does next week look like?